Reputation Frustration

Wow, its already January 2nd 2018. The year of 2017 went by really fast. I am so glad 2017 is gone, that its a thing of the past. The word of God says leave past things behind us in Isaiah 43:18 and that’s exactly what I plan to do. I will be honest with you, 2017 was not a good year for me. As a matter of fact, it was a disaster. So many unwanted predicaments, obstacles, frustration, anger, being belittled, zero success in my businesses, living in a bad situation, and I believe me, I could keep going.

One pretty significant area that was damaged has been my reputation with man, with those around me in my circle of “non-influence.”  A say “non-influence” because I didn’t have much impact of influencing anyone in my life. You see as I have been saying for a while now, the Lord spoke to me and said – “Joseph… (He calls me that) our enemy is on a mission, not only to just ruin but to totally destroy the reputations of all followers of my son.” That hit me hard. And I have been thinking a lot about WHY our enemy has chosen reputations. In the past (and he’s still doing this), our enemy was focusing on our minds. But now his focus is our reputations. Again, WHY? Because if he can destroy our reputations he can destroy our influence! WOW! That is like a one shot blow to the body of Christ with one “stone”. This means no one around us will listen to anything we have to say, and if they won’t listen to us and let us in their lives, we won’t have any impact on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and seeing the Kingdom grow with new salvations. Wow, that is powerful!

I want you to take a few moments and stop everything your doing and think and ponder on how your reputation is with those around you, in your home, your workplace, your business, your community, your church, every area of your life.

That’s what I did. And what I found out was my reputation … can I say it – SUCKED! I’m sorry but I have to emphasize it that way. Sorry if I offended you with that word. But it did and it still does. Its not that I have done anything physically bad or wrong to anyone, or said anything wrong to anyone, it was my ATTITUDE, it … you know what. I let the frustrations of life really really get to me. I was also in a lot of pain in my lower back and right hip. We know the enemy uses pain to debilitate us also. So a combination of bad things happening in my life, along with chronic pain … it produced in me a very bad attitude about everything in my life.

This new year I’m gonna work on changing that, of course with our Lord’s help because its nothing I can do on my own. Its gonna take a lot of work trying to take back my reputation from our enemy. As Benjamin Franklin said – “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it!” So I have many good deeds ahead of me to re-build my reputation, to re-build my good name – Proverbs 22:1

So, I just wanted to start out this new year with being open and honest and transparent with everyone. I hope this doesn’t scare you away from being a part of our Fire Influence Network. I hope it draws you to want to be a part of what we are doing, and that’s to spark in follower of Jesus Christ a desire to want to be a bold influence in every area of their lives, to every person in their lives. F.I.N. is for me as well because I need to learn and grow in the areas of influence as well. WE are in this TOGETHER! 

Remember what I asked you to do a few paragraphs above, in “quotes”? What did you find out? Is your reputation in tact? If it is, that’s awesome, you can continue to be an influence, build relationships and bring people to Christ right NOW. IF your reputation is destroyed like mine, its time to start re-building your reputation. I highly recommend that you get in DAILY Prayer with our Lord and seek HIS help with re-building your reputation, I know that’s what I will be doing. I also suggest that you stick around and read, watch, listen and learn from the things I learn and share (along with my guest that will be sharing) on being a Bold Influence in EVERY area, to EVERY person in MY life.

Here are some more scriptures that talk about Reputation: (Read in Amplified Bible – AMP) Acts 6:3 , 1 Timothy 3:7, 1 Timothy 3:13 , 1 Timothy 5:10

As I look around my neighborhood, watch on the news and read about, this world of unbelievers are using their reputations to influence this world in a bad and evil way. Let’s start to do the same, re-build our reputations, build relationships so we can influence this world with Jesus, good and salvation. Are you with me? Let’s Do This!

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