Occupy Your Home

As you know, this ministry, Fire Influence is all about becoming an influence wherever the Lord has placed you. One place is your home … your family. If your married without children, then still, your home, your family is your spouse.


I’ll be honest with you, this is an area I’m still trying to figure out, still learning. As a stay at home dad, its my responsibility to sow into and occupy our 3 year old son. There is a time to sow PLAY into my sons life, like playing pirates with swords, we play super hero’s like Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and more. There’s a time to sow TEACHING into his life, like shapes, numbers, colors, etc, a time to sow LOVE into my son by always giving him affirmations when he does something well or when hes sick by taking care of him and constantly telling him “I Love You”. There is also a time to sow DISCIPLINE when he is not behaving. But most importantly … sowing JESUS and His Word into my son in hopes that he will not stray away from the truth and following Jesus.

Here is another area I’m learning …. to sow into my wife. I need to sow into and occupy her as well. I need to share this with you, I find it a little easier sowing into our son then it is to my wife. Adults can be more complex. I believe quantity AND quality time are both equally important when it comes to Occupying Our Homes. If we aren’t there how can we occupy our homes, if we are there but don’t spend time with our families, how can we occupy our homes. Both my wife and I struggle a lot with being on social media instead of spending time together. This needs to stop! How can I be an influence to her if my face is in facebook. My face needs to be in THE BOOK (the bible) instead … yes alone but also with my wife studying the Word TOGETHER. We need to start doing Date Nights, baking together, going for walks together, sitting face to face having good conversations, just to name a few. Regarding the women, the wife, the mothers out there, you need to sow encouragement, respect, love towards your husbands, nurturing your children, words of wisdom to your children and so much more.

Our Influence in our homes/families is the most important out of all the people we need to influence. We need to be intentional with our families ….. if we don’t, the enemy will. Being an influence in our homes is definitely a learning process. As for the Men of the house, its a heavy responsibility to be an outstanding influence to our families. We don’t want our children or our wives going to an outside source to be influenced, do we?… NO we don’t! When it comes to the Women of the house, you don’t want your husband or your children going to an outside source either, do you?… NO you don’t.

The enemy and his demons are on full attack in the families, especially with Christian families. We need to be aware of this. If you haven’t been watchful of this, you need to start being watchful and then when you see these attacks you need to get in prayer against these enemies and their attacks.

We need to influence the atmosphere of our homes by being a person of solid Faith, a man or women who has a desire to be holy & righteous, to promise to love our wives and our children with an Agape Love, and to dedicate ourselves to study Gods Word and to Prayer. Without these things we cannot be the influence we NEED to be in our families.

Again, this is a learning process for me as I am sure it is for you, and that’s OK. And as I learn, I will be sharing more about what I’m learning in order to OCCUPY MY HOME and be the INFLUENCE I need to be.

I hope and pray that this post has been a value to you!

What are some ways that you are Influencing your family? Feel free to comment below, I would love to hear from you. Your comments bring value to our posts.

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