Smart Saving Tip

Here is a very short tip that will save you money every month.

A long time ago I found myself spending a lot of money on gas for my car every month. One day an idea popped into my head (which I believe came from the Lord), that idea was to start driving at the speed limit or a little below speed limit everyday. Also to stop pressing on the gas to change lanes or get ahead of someone or even from a stop sign or traffic light.

Money Tip 2

After doing this for the very first month I saved $150. YES a whopping $150 back into my pocket. Could you use an extra $150? I am more then sure that you can.

A smart thing to do is NOT to spend that money you will be saving on new gadgets, DVD’s, clothing, that new bag (for the ladies) etc; but INVEST that extra money! Investing that money will pay off in the long run when your ready to retire. (Contact me if you need some more info on saving/investing for retirement)

If this saves you money (which I know it will), make this a new daily habit and a permanent part of your life. Not only will driving slower save you money but will save wear & tare on you car and you will also be safer when driving.

So, give this a try for a full month and let me know the outcome. I already know the answer but I would love to hear from you. Please come back to this post and post a comment of your story below and let me know what happened.

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