Sneaky Sneakers

Do you have Sneaky Sneakers? What do I mean by this? Have you ever thought about where you walk everyday and what sneaky bacteria sticks to the bottom of your sneakers?

Bacteria Sneakers 3

I have always been sort of, well not sort of, but a full blown neat freak. I wouldn’t say I am neurotic about it but I like when things are in place and neat around me. I think my best and perform my best when things in my home (or if I had an office) are in order.

I am also a hugh advocate on staying clean. Especially after you touch anything in public area’s like when I go to the men’s bathroom anywhere (even in church). I always make sure to wash my hands and watch where I step. I’m gonna get a little real right now so hold on, don’t get offended or grossed out ……. in men’s bathrooms everywhere, it seems that men have an aiming issue at the urinals and there is always shinny puddles right where you need to stand and that drives me nuts. I also make sure to open the door with a tissue or my sleeve when leaving men’s bathroom.

Most of the times there is really not much we can do in order to stay 100% clean when we are in public but we can start to be more conscious about what we touch and where we step and the nastiness that can attach itself to us.

I recently read an article – Shoes Transmit Disease, Leave Them By The Door  and in the article they did a test with Ten people and they were given a brand new pair of shoes to use for two weeks before having them tested for bacteria. The results were alarming!

After the two week test they found more than 420,000 units of bacteria on the outside of the shoes that were tested. 27%  of that bacteria was the deadly E. Coli. They also detected Klebsiella pneumonia, which can cause pneumonia and wound and bloodstream infections. They also found Serratia ficaria, which can lead to infection of the respiratory tract. This was alarming to me.

So I bet your wondering If I knew about this and what do I do about it?  YES I have always be conscious about the nastiness on the ground and in public places for a very very long time, and YES I have been making people take their shoes off when they come into our home for years.

When we walk outside, sneaky nastiness sticks to the bottom of our sneakers, like urine, poop (animal & human), spit, boogers <(yes I said that word) and so much more. And then people walk into their (or others) home and bring all that sneaky nastiness onto their rugs and floors. I even see people put their feet up on their couches WITH their shoes on.

Even when I was single I would take my shoes off at my door BUT more so now am I a stickler about this because of our precious baby boy who at one time crawled on the floor and now a little older, walks and rolls around on our rugs as he plays and I don’t want him to be helplessly exposed to these diseases because of us. Its just good to be aware of all this and not want to bring the sneaky nastiness of society the sticks to our sneakers into our homes that can make us very sick.

Make sure at least once a month to do a thorough cleaning to keep the place you call home free of bacteria and disease. And don’t forget to constantly clean your sneakers (and shoes) on a weekly basis.

I hope after this post you will be more conscious and aware of what lurks on the bottom of your shoes and the shoes of others and make it a habit to leave your shoes and ask others to leave their shoes at at the door, and when your go to the homes of others, be courteous enough to remove your shoes before entering.

What your thoughts on this? Bring value to this post and leave your comments.