Everyone Has Influence

This week I would like to tell you that EVERYONE has influence. Its either bad influence or good influence, positive or negative, no in between. (Like our page at Fire Influence)

In no way do you have to be in a high profile occupation or be a celebrity to be a person of influence. If your life in any way connects with other people, you are in Influencer! Everything you do in your Family, your Church, your Community, at your Job or Business (marketplace), on your Sports Team (whether your a coach or a player), or in Politics (whether your in authority, an intern, or an office worker), has an impact on people.

Do you have a desire to be successful in whatever you do or wherever God has you? If the answer is Yes, then you need to be/become a person of Influence. Without influence there is no success. If your in sales then you need to influence your clients, if your a manager you need to influence your employees, if your a coach you need to influence your players, if your a pastor you need to influence your flock. For believers and followers of Christ the ultimate success is guiding people to a relationship with Jesus and seeing them become saved and then having a chance to take them under your wing and disciple them. Success is reaching and touching the lives around you wherever the Lord has you.

In order to be a positive Christ like influence you need to have a good Reputation. Without a good reputation you won’t have the opportunity to be an influence in anyone’s life. (my next post will be all about reputation, keep an eye out for it).

People are influenced by what they SEE not what they hear. This is called Integrity (I’m working on this). Think about this, if you have kids then you have probably observed this. No matter what you tell your kids to do, they naturally follow what they SEE you doing. The same with the adults or teenagers around you, they will hear what you say but they will react by what they SEE you DO. We need to always be conscience of what we say and do around those we want to influence. YOU can influence those around you like I mentioned earlier, either in a positive or negative way. I myself am working on being a more positive influence in the lives of those around me (I have a lot of work ahead of me). This not only goes for unbelievers in our lives but also our fellow believers in our lives (Proverbs 27:17)

Everyone has a “circle” of people in their lives. Its our friends, family, those in our communities, at our churches, at our jobs or our businesses, on our sports teams, etc; and we will influence them whether we like it or not, whether we are intentional or not so make sure its an Influence that will be good, be positive, that will bless, that will impact and ignite people that will eventually open up doors to speak to them about Jesus and bring them to Jesus Christ. That is our #1 goal as followers of Jesus Christ, isn’t it?

Being an influence to a big organization, a large amount of employees, a big church etc; is great. But I think another great way is the One on One. Why, because if you want to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those around you, you need to do it close up and personal. When you go the One on One route you connect on another level that you can’t when trying to influence a “big crowd.” Don’t get me wrong, you can influence people in the masses but nothing beats the One on One touch! Jesus reached 12, one betrayed him and left Him with 11 and those 11 reached hundreds and thousands and those thousands reach tens of thousands so on.

Another goal in being an influencer is to multiply. We all know this, Jesus said Go out and make disciples (Matthew 28:19) and this goes for those that you influence. In order to multiply you need to help people your influencing to become on fire influencers in the lives of others and to ignite them like kindling and start a fire in those people around them. If we can accomplish this, the world will be turned upside down for Jesus.

So again, my message today is that EVERYONE has Influence. YOU have influence. Work on and study ways to learn how to become an influence to those around you. You can be the influence our Lord has meant us to be. Now lets go influence someone today. (2Corinthians 10:13)

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