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Let me start out by explaining what Fiverr is for those who don’t know what Fiverr is:

OK, let me explain in the simplest way possible ….. is a website that you can have anything done like graphics, an intro/outro for video or audio, animation, music, voice overs, and so much more. These are called GIGS. These gigs start at $5.00, hence the name FIVERR.

Now, I never really thought about this until I started DOING it. What is this “it” am I talking about …. well, using Fiverr as an outreach to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes, I believe that as believers and followers of Jesus Christ we can and should utilize every place on social media and the internet to bring the Lords message and to also Pray for people.

So I just said above that I didn’t think about this until I started doing it. Recently I got a new logo done through someone who offers his service on Fiverr and now I am working on getting a video intro done for my videos and an audio intro done for my online broadcast that I am starting again after my intro is done. I am using 2 different people. One of them is someone named Kevin who was supposed to be working on my audio intro. After a few days he contacted me and said that he got a sore throat from his children so I said I will wait and pray for him to feel better. We went back and forth and he finally just wrote to me this today as I write this post:

 I really appreciate your prayers. Went to the ENT specialist yesterday and they’re perplexed as to what’s going on. They told me to rest the vocal cords for a while and to take some other measures. I’ve got to put my gig on vacation for a little while. – Thanks and Sorry, Kevin

So because of this illness, we may or may not be going forward because he doesn’t know how long until he gets better. But I did tell Kevin that I will continue to pray for him and for us to stay in touch, which we will. Please if you will, keep Kevin in your prayers also.

This story isn’t over because we will both stay in touch and I will continue to build this relationship with Kevin whether we continue to do business together or not and I will continue to pray for him and share the Love of Jesus with him.

I am pretty excited about this because this is what I love to do – spread the Gospel online and reach out to real people through this “digital pulpit” so to speak that I will never meet face to face. Kevin is from New Jersey and I am from New York. This is the beauty of doing internet evangelism, online ministry or whatever you want to call it.

And you and I can do the same thing through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Periscope, blogging and so many more ways. This is what it is to be a FIRE INFLUENCE – Influencing this generation with the Gospel through the internet.

So if you ever use Fiverr or any other online platform , always be attentive to the Holy Spirits leading and be obidient to share the Good News with them and Pray for them and continue to build a relationship with them because they are a divine appointment that our Lords assigns us to. NOW GO AND BRING THE GOSPEL TO THE DIGITAL NATION!

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I hope & Pray that this was of value to you. And what I value is your comments, so please share your thoughts and be a part of this conversation. Have a GODday!