Leader By Influence

Its been said “lead by influence not by the stick” or maybe I just said that lol. I know I heard it somewhere. Anyway, I know throughout my life I have had jobs where my bosses where just angry nasty people who would curse me out if I wasn’t fast enough or if I made a mistake. All that did was make me want to quit that job and in most circumstances I did quit that job because I didn’t want to be under a boss (leader) like that because they made me feel terrible about myself and the byproduct was that I got worse at that job.

As followers of Jesus Christ, have we ever read where Jesus lead by over using His authority in a belittling way or by being nasty or by anger (besides flipping over the tables at the temple – Matthew 21:12-13) and leading by the “stick” so to speak? Absolutely not!

Jesus lead by Love (of course with Truth), story telling (parables), patience, gentleness to name a few, but a hugh part of His leading was by ACTION, by DOING. People (even our own brothers and sisters in the Faith) are always watching us, especially if we say we are Christians and people around us know we are Christians.

In this post I’m sharing with you an article by Zig Ziglar (he was a motivation speaker and a follower of Jesus) titled: “7 Ways to Become a More Influential Leader.” <Go here to check it out. We can apply these 7 ways into learning how to lead by influence and leading people t0 Christ.

Becoming a “leader by influence” is a learning process which I am in that process. Don’t concern yourself (and I’m not gonna concern myself) about being a perfect leader or even desiring to become a popular well know leader because its NOT ABOUT US, its about Jesus and leading people to Faith in Him. We need to concern ourselves in becoming Christ like for ourselves and the byproduct will be an influence on those around us.

Right now in this season of my life I am having some struggles with leading by influence in my home/family and in my business. I’m just being transparent and honest with you. I know what I need to do and what I should be doing but my struggle is actually doing it. I know my struggles are attacks from the enemy who wants to ruin my “reputation” with those around me and at this moment, the enemy is winning, he has a hold on my mind and my thoughts. My struggle is feeling and thinking that I can’t be a good husband, a good dad, a good business man or business partner, that I just don’t have what it takes and feeling like this continues to get me down and in a funk and leads to good days and bad days but mostly 90% bad days. BUT I know my Lord will never leave me nor forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:6) so I know HE is with me in this season of my life and HE will get me through this and I will have the Victory.

I hope & pray that through my transparency, you will be encouraged if you are going through the same thing. And if you are, don’t let it stop you from moving forward in learning to become an Influence to those around you because that’s exactly what the enemy wants, he wants to ruin our “reputations” and ruin any chance at us being used by our Lord and influencing those around us that will lead them to Christ and His salvation.

Another way Jesus was a “leader by influence” was by serving those around Him (Matthew 20:27-28). A good leader leads by doing and serving others (John 13:4-17), getting their hands dirty so to speak, and as others watch they will be influenced by that and will want to follow you as you follow Jesus.

This brings me back to being transparent with you as I shared above. The enemy will do anything possible to mess your mind up so bad that it shows in your actions, inaction’s and your words and cause people to go the opposite way from following you and then the enemy has accomplished what he set out to do which is once again… ruin your “reputation” with those around you which will block any chance at you (and me) leading anyone to Christ Jesus.

ALL followers of Jesus Christ are called to influence those who He has put us around and lead them and guide them to Christ. We need to CONSTANTLY capture our thoughts (2 Corinthians 10:4-6) (I’m speaking to myself right now), Pray, Study the Word of God and press forward and apply what we learn from the Word so that we can beat the enemy and be the influence that our Lord has called us to be! And this is what I am working on with our Lords help. And I hope & pray that you will do the same so WE can become and be LEADERS BY INFLUENCE.

Until next time ….

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