Occupy Your Land

COMMUNITY INFLUENCE: As believers of Jesus Christ it is essential to occupy our communities.

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Many unbelievers these days would never enter a church building. On the flip side, many believers are leaving the building and feel no need for attending church, reading the Bible or serving others.

This is a big concern and should be an “ah ha” moment for the believers who Love the Lord, have a desire to attend church, are diligent to read the Bible and enjoy serving others …. Its Time to be an Influence in our communities!

As I wrote in a recent blog post – Pray The Way, its very important to get INTO your communities, get to know those who live in your community, make friends with your area merchants, pray for your community doing “Prayer Walks” and serve your community by getting involved with events and coming along side of others doing good things in your area.

Putting my self in the front saying I have gotten to comfortable staying at home and being behind the church walls as I believe so many of us have. Its easier that way, its more comfortable that way and its less confrontational that way. How easy is it to drop some post cards off or give one to someone and inviting them to church which most won’t come and honor that invite. So what do we do with those who will never come to church, leave them by the waste side? NO and that’s why we need to Get Up and GO into our communities and spread the Love of Jesus and His Truth to those who will never attend church or those who have left the church.

We need to fall in love with our communities and treat each person in the community as they were each a lost sheep and you are their shepherd looking for the one who left the flock. Reaching the One (at a time) should be your goal.

We need to be the church (the body .. we are the church) of Irresistible Influence by being bold enough to take the charge to go into all our communities with a Love for the lost people and with the Truth of the Word of God in hopes to bring people to Faith in Christ so that even one may be saved. We aren’t called to be a flash light in the light but a brilliant light in the deepest of darkness.

Take a look at this very informative blog post –Majority of American Christians Do Not Find Bible Reading and Church Attendance Essential. It has some great graphs that will show whats happening these days with people who confess to follow Christ.

Last night (memorial day 2016) we decided to stay home because our son wasn’t feeling well. So we got together with the neighbors across from us and BBQ some burgers and had a time of food and fellowship and getting into the word. It was a wonderful time and powerful reminder that we need to reach out to our communities more and make it a permanent part of our lives as followers of Jesus Christ. This is now a major goal of mine … to be an influence to my community.

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